Is It Time For YOU Yet?

Look at you! You are a go-getter, you make things happen, you are a boss, the queen, you are simply amazing! Look at where you are today! Look at all you have achieved! You must be so proud of yourself! I'm certainly proud of you!

With all you do and accomplish you must be physically and mentally exhausted.

When was the last time that you sat with yourself, lit a candle and sipped your wine, coffee, tea....? Do you remember when you just let yourself soak on an awesome bath? How about the last time you took a long hot shower......?

I have discovered that this newfound love brings so many added benefits. As I mentioned before it gave me a creative outlet. It also shined a light on the harmful ingredients that go into commercially made beauty and home products. And most importantly it reminded me to take time to reset and recharge so I can give to my loved ones from a full cup......


Natural soaps made with love, ensuring the high quality detergent free products that your skin will absolutely fall in love with.

Soap Bars

Gift Boxes

Share the love by giving a gift box! Your friends, loved ones, strangers, boss, coworkers, neighbors, and everyone will love it!

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Introducing Me

I smell amazing after using the Rose Clay soap, with the added benefit that it detoxifies my skin...

Priscilla C.

My favorite is the Oatmilk Soap, it exfoliates and your skin feels creamy and soft....

London Z.

The Aloe Poppy Seed facial soap has done wonders on my son's acne prone skin. It's fast and easy to use in the shower, so he does not complain about added time to his morning routine.....

Jane K.

Smelling Hope, Feeling Peace

Our product are made from naturally sustainable ingredients that your skin will love.