Our Story

Born out of love for crafts and therapy, soap making has brought healing to my widow heart and joy to my family. It is my hope that when you use our products you may feel rejuvenated, restored, peaceful and rested.

Our products are made out of natural and organic ingredients that work in harmony with the environment. They do an amazing job of cleaning and soothing our skin without any chemicals or detergents that damage and dehydrate the largest organ in our body.

We are also committed to giving back to our community. It is our pleasure to donate 10% of our profit to Sun Counseling and Wellness. They provide guidance to those suffering from mental health. My family and I have benefitted from the kind hearts behind this wonderful organization and it is our privilege to give back. 

May your path always look like hope, feel like peace, smell like gratefulness and taste like joy....

- Karen S.