Handmade Soaps? But Why?

I began my soap making journey a year after my husband unexpectedly passed away. It began as a therapeutic escape, that later turned into hobby. I started to feel less anxious and stressed as I made recipes full of skin loving ingredients, natural colorants and scents that would transport me to my happy place. I'm here today, to share not only my journey through grief but my newfound love for making soaps and natural products.

I have discovered that this newfound love brings so many added benefits. As I mentioned before it gave me a creative outlet. It also shined a light on the harmful ingredients that go into commercially made beauty and home products. And most importantly it reminded me to take time to reset and recharge so I can give to my loved ones from a full cup.

When my husband unexpectedly passed away, I felt like I was thrown into the middle of severe thunderstorm with the possibility of tornados. It seemed as if for the first year and half after his passing, I couldn't breathe. All I did was survive. I woke up everyday to tackle the day and went to bed exhausted, just to do it all again the next day. I was (still am) dealing with my grief and helping my kids learn to deal with theirs. I didn't want this life for me or my kids, yet here I was. I had an amazing friend who connected me with a therapist. Going to therapy has been so helpful. I am grateful for that experience and how it has helped me discover little by little that there is life after death. That there is hope in grief, that there is light in the midst of my darkness. That I can and am able to do so much!! I'm so proud of myself, of how far I have come, of how many obstacles I've overcome! I'm so used to putting myself down, but not anymore. I know I will still have days were my grief will bring me to my knees, but I also know I will get back up and keep trying. I can and I will! 

I owe this creative outlet to my sister who called me and said, "you need something to create, to begin to feel like you matter....(she then jokingly said) why don't you make soaps?", and I can not tell you why this struck a cord with me. Maybe the fact that it would be something useful, maybe because it would make me want to take a shower, honestly I don't know. But let me tell you, once I started, I couldn't stop. It was so soothing to create, to make swirls with colors, to play around with recipes, to mix scents, teas, and natural clays.... all things that I discovered had amazing benefits for your skin.

The more I played with those recipes, the more I was inclined to read on the ingredients of commercially made soap. I discovered how many of them, if not all, contain detergent....yes...read that again...detergent. No wonder our skin gets so dry, itchy, and irritated! I realized that many had ingredients I couldn't pronounce, read or understand. So, my curious nature did what most of us do, I Googled it. One of the most popular soap brand contains Formaldehyde in their soap. They said they are phasing this products out of the market, but I'm not sure I would want to purchase any more of their products for my loved ones or myself. My educational background kicked in and I began doing research on the benefits of oils, clays, and plants. I found myself spending hours reading on sites about plant based healing. Hours more on learning which oils are best for moisturizing, for soothing, for renewing, for sensitive skin, and cleansing. The products I made use the combinations of all of these oils in specific portions to benefit the largest organ in our bodies which is our skin.

After creating the products with such wonderful skin loving ingredients, I of course had to give them a test run. And let me tell you...not to toot my own horn...but, it felt amazing. I took a long hot shower with our Butter Bar soap and oh it felt like my skin was being hugged in a silky smooth blanket.  I felt for the first time in a while like I was breaking through. I felt peace....and that is what I want to transfer to you...it's my hope that when you try our products you feel peace that the ingredients in it are all natural, that it's scents make you feel transported to a happy place, that you're reminded that taking time for yourself is not a waste of time or a moment of weakness...it is a necessity, it is a must, you need to reset, you need you! You Can and You Will!

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