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Welcome to our Soap Opera! Here we talk.....well...about everything. Mostly about our soap making. 

We love that you have graced us with your presence! It is our hope that you enjoy our website, our news (Soap Opera), our journey and our products. 

At 517 Trading Company we pursue kindness, love, creativity and harmony. We are determined to use ingredients that create products that are both ecofriendly, sustainably harvested and work with your skin to emphasize your pure beauty.

May you always see hope, taste joy, smell gratefulness and feel peace!

517 Trading Company Team

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  • Hi Karen! I am in love with your soaps and the cbd oil! I use the oil on my legs and arms and it makes such a huge difference in the moisture level on my skin. The soaps all smell so wonderful and I just love them. Your journey is so inspiring, and I admire your strength to keep going and find happiness.

    Kristen Kemling

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